Monday, May 16, 2011

Pirate Fun!!

This is my last week with my sweet first graders!! Only 4 more days left...I can't believe it!! We are still going strong and having a BLAST while working on our pirate themed centers/activities!! Here are descriptions and a few pictures of them!!

Pirate Editor- My *almost* 2nd graders had to correct the pirate themed sentences in this literacy center. They showed how they corrected each sentence on their recording sheet.

Making Words with "Shiver Me Timbers"- In this literacy center, my kiddos made as many words as they could with the letters in Shiver Me Timbers. Yo ho ho fun!!

Pirate's Mystery AR Words- In this literacy center, the students unscrambled each set of letters to reveal the mystery /ar/ words! Arghhhhh!!!

Pirate Read the Room with /ar/ & /or/ Words- My students can't get enough of my read the room activities. This one reinforced "the bossy R"!

Pirate Sentence Fun- In this literacy center, my smarties unscrambled the words to make a pirate themed complete sentence!

Pirate's Number Toss Game- In this math game, my students dropped two counters on the scroll game board. They used the numbers the counters landed on to make addition and subtraction sentences!!

Fair Trade Treasure- My sweet ones had a great fair trade review with this center! They had to match each pair of fair trades and show them on their recording sheet!

Pirate Place Value- In this math center, students had to show whether the underlined number on each card was in the ones or the tens place! Great place value review!!

All of these centers and more are in my Pirate Fun Math and Literacy Center Packet! You can swing by my TpT store to check it out {HERE}! A BIG thank you to everyone who has already gotten their copy!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!!

Base Ten Beach Math Center

Happy 400+ Followers!!
Here is a summer themed place value math center that will bring the beach right into your wonderful classroom! Students match each number card to the correct base ten card. They show the matches they made on their recording sheet. Click on the picture to download it for free at my TpT store!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a weekend!!!

Hey Sweet Friends!! I just got back home from an awesome trip to Chattanooga, TN!! My family and I took my son to "Day Out with Thomas". Our sweet little boy, Parker, was able to ride on Thomas the Train!!! It was magical for him and ohhhhhh so much fun for me to watch his eyes sparkle with excitement!! We also were able to check out the Chattanooga Aquarium, which was AMAZING!!! With all this said, I was way too caught up in being a mama this weekend to finish the free math beach themed center I'm making y'all!!! I promise to get it uploaded tomorrow!!!

YAY for 400+ followers!!! I'm shocked to say the least....I love every minute of blogging & I'm so thankful for your support!!!!!